BMW 2-Series

BMW 2-SeriesOne of my favorite speculations of the automotive world are the new models of BMW.
Now comes another one of the blogs dedicated to the Bavarian company, where they show computer images of the new model. What is interesting is the image which is said to represent the future two-Series coupe. Generally show car has many elements in the style of the existing systems for BMW. Its design, however, is more rugged, with simple proportions. The outdoor model will be a soft folding roof will have clean lines that will improve his behavior on the road. The big question is really can we expect rather two-Series? This may be true, and if 1-Series is made only in versions with five and three doors. Then BMW will probably move the body and open version in the upper and luxury segment to have a sporty look and better dynamics (and of course a higher price). Then you will be expected to see and BMW M2.
Such a step would prevent excessive increase and modifications in the family BMW 1-Series. Let’s not forget, for now these are just speculations.

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