The BMW 2 Series Coupe and Convertible.

A free spirit as refreshing as a breeze, inviting you to enjoy relaxed cruising – with the reassurance that you will always have lots of extra power in reserve. Take a seat and enjoy. Sheer Driving Pleasure is rarely this sensuous.


BMW 2 Cabrio

Feels like being on a yacht. Like the deck of a boat, the interior is inset into the body, surrounding you with elegance and comfort. And in vehicles with Steptronic transmission, Driving Experience Control provides another invitation to go sailing: when you take your foot off the accelerator in ECO PRO mode without applying the brakes, the system will uncouple the engine from the drivetrain, allowing you to coast along in quiet relaxation – thanks to innovative BMW EfficientDynamics technologies.

Equally stunning with the roof up. The softtop of the BMW 2 Series Convertible looks just the part, and with its improved insulation minimises road noise. Opening and closing the softtop takes just 20 seconds and can be performed at speeds of up to 50km/h – probably the fastest sunrise you’ll have ever experienced.


BMW Cabrio and Coupe 2

Thanks to BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the innovative new generation of BMW petrol and diesel engines from the BMW EfficientDynamics engine family can achieve agile performance and excellent responsiveness even at low rpms, while at the same time featuring exceptionally low fuel consumption and emissions. Increased efficiency and optimal dynamics guarantee noticeably more intense driving pleasure.

BMW TwinPower Turbo technology

BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology


BMW M235i/M235i xDrive. Coupe / Convertible

  • M Performance TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line petrol engine with 240kW(326hp) and 450 Nm torque
  • Acceleration 0–100km/h: 5.0sec/4.6sec(xDrive) top speed: 250km/h
  • Combined fuel consumption: 8.1 litres/100km/7.8 litres/100km (xDrive)
  • Combined CO2 emissions: 189g/km2/182g/km2 (xDrive)


BMW ConnectedDrive


BMW Connected Drive

Our world is becoming more closely connected every day. And for BMW drivers it goes without saying that they can request information, communicate via telephone or email and always be up to date – all while they’re on the go. The BMW ConnectedDrive concept encompasses all the services and innovative technologies that link BMW vehicles and their passengers to the outside world and surrounding traffic.

It also includes BMW Online, which enables you to access current, localised information such as weather, news and an online search powered by GoogleTM, as well as various office functions. You can also combine individual services and features such as webcams, fuel price info, parking information, travel and hotel guides in the “Applications” menu.

The secure and comfortable use of selected smartphone applications is also included for an unlimited period of time. The ConnectedDrive Services option also includes access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, in which services and apps can be booked, extended and selected according to individual needs, at any time and from any place. The ConnectedDrive Services option also offers much more to make each journey in a BMW into a real experience.



BMW 2 Chassis

The intelligent all-wheel xDrive system adapts perfectly to even the most challenging road surface conditions, always offering outstanding traction. With xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), the vehicle remains directionally stable and on track. Split second response times allow xDrive to distribute drive power flexibly between the two axles for optimum grip. In this way, xDrive combines the advantages of all-wheel drive – traction, directional stability and safety – with classic BMW agility.The rear-wheel drive forms the basis for classic BMW steering precision, agility and sporty driving characteristics. Seeing as propulsion comes from the rear instead of the front wheels, it enables highly sensitive steering and the ideal weight distribution of 50:50. This ensures great traction and directional stability on bends.



BMW 2 Dynamic Stability Control

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) recognises any risk of skidding and stabilises the vehicle.  Adaptive headlights with variable light control provide optimal illumination in every situation and therefore help to improve active safety.


BMW 2 The Air Curtain

The Air Curtain channels the air flow at the front apron and front wheels, thereby reducing turbulence, air resistance and fuel consumption. Tyre pressure monitor. Sensors on each wheel assess the tyre pressure and temperature and the tyre pressure monitor warns the driver of any loss of pressure.


BMW 2 The fully recessed roll over protection system

Intelligent emergency call  automatically establishes a connection with the nearest rescue coordination centre through the BMW call centre whenever needed – without the use of a mobile phone. The fully recessed roll-over protection system features roll bars which extend automatically should the vehicle ever overturn, thereby protecting occupants in the Convertible.

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